An Obesity Forum

This initiative connects healthcare professionals (HCPs) from various fields to enhance our understanding of obesity through scientific research and knowledge sharing .

The biology of obesity isn’t generally taught in medical schools, and many healthcare professionals are vocalising a need for more in-depth, reliable information and education and a credible platform to have these open discussions. The Big Truth seeks to create it.

It provides a framework for HCPs and patient advocates to collaborate and serves as a hub for discussing the latest obesity research nd treatment options.

Obesity: The Big Truth discussion events are taking place across Europe

Get Involved

If you would like to hold an Obesity: The Big Truth event or participate in one in your region, please contact us.

“Obesity is a problem that nearly every nation in the world is facing, but there is much that we can do to fix it.”


Richard Attias, founder of The New York Forum.

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