Obesity: The Big Truth – Podcast series in Dutch from Belgium starts on World Obesity Day, Monday March 4, 2024

Stop stigmatisation. Obesity is a chronic disease!

More than ten leading Flemish obesity experts reveal the many aspects of this complex chronic condition in the podcast series “Obesity: The Big Truth”. The podcasts aim to reveal new scientific insights and create an open dialogue between patients and healthcare providers, to jointly increase knowledge and find a path to the right support, without condemnation. Discover with us the truth behind obesity: is it the person’s fault, or is it a chronic condition?

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Microphone against a colorful background with text promoting a new podcast series called "the big truth" focusing on obesity as a chronic disease.

Episode 1: Obesity: My Journey
Mathias T’syen: Actor
Prof. Bart Van der Schueren: Professor & Endocrinologist at UZ Leuven

Episode 2: Obesity: a complex and chronic condition
Prof. Bart Van der Schueren: Professor & Endocrinologist at UZ Leuven

Episode 3: Obesity: What is the real cost for individuals and society
Prof. Lieven Annemans: Professor of Health Economics at UGent

Episode 4: Obesity: challenges for the government
Mr. Pedro Facon: Deputy CEO Riziv/Inami

Episode 5: Obesity: the right treatment for the individual patient
Dr. Imke Matthys: Endocrinologist at UZ Gent
Dr. Servaas Bingé: General Practitioner, Lifestyle Physician, and Sports Physician

Episode 6: Obesity: The Psychological Framework
Mrs. Van den Eynde: Psychologist at UZ Leuven
Mr. Van Der Borght: Psychologist at UZ Leuven

Episode 7: Obesity: The truth about food
Mrs. Pascale Naessens: Author of healthy cookbooks
Mrs. Nele Steenackers: Postdoctoral Researcher, Clinical and Experimental Endocrinology at KU Leuven

Episode 8: Obesity: the crucial role of fitness
Prof. Dominique Hansen: Professor in Rehabilitation and Exercise Physiology of Cardiometabolic Diseases at UHasselt

Episode 9: Obesity in children
Prof. Inge Gies: Professor & Pediatric Endocrinologist and Diabetologist & Head of Pediatric Obesity Clinic at UZ Brussel

Episode 10: Obesity: the role of genetics
Prof. Ruth Loos: Professor at the University of Copenhagen

Episode 11: Obesity: surgical treatment
Prof. Matthias Lannoo: Obesity Surgeon and Professor at UZ Leuven
Dr. Thierry Lafullarde: Obesity Surgeon at Hospital Geel

Episode 12: Obesity: pharmacological treatment
Prof. Eveline Dirinck: Professor & Endocrinologist at UZA

“Obesity is a gateway disease to over 230 different complications,”


Jacqueline Bowman-Busato, EU Policy Lead at the European Association for the Study of Obesity​ (EASO)

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